Fireproof Safes

When it comes to magnetic media such as diskettes, CD’s, DLT Tapes and even rare collector items such as stamps and collectors cards, it is important not to underestimate two key factors. Firstly, such items are extremely sensitive, and secondly, they are usually irreplaceable. The MUTUAL Fire safes¬†and Burglary safes ensures that all your data and valuables are protected.

The MUTUAL Fire and Burglary Safe offers fire and burglary protection with enormously increased storage capacity. The safe provides an affordable way to store important documents and other valuables without compromising their security.

Fire Safes Construction

The MUTUAL Fire and Burglary Safe is constructed of top quality materials such as steel to BS4360-430 MPA tensile strength. Two inches of high density.


All MUTUAL Safes come with a standard 3-wheel, spy-proof U.L. approved group 2M combination lock. Hardened stell plates along with a strategically placed glass activated relocking device protects the vital locking area. Locking bolts are a solid 3/4″ in diameter. In addition to fire retardant material in the body and door of the safe, the door jam is equipped with a state of the art fire seal.



  • 2 1/2″ thick door which includes 1/2″ of solid high tensile steel
  • Three solid chrome plated 3/4″ locking bolts
  • Spring loaded tempered glass re-locker
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Bolt down hole
  • Stainless fascia plates
  • Deadbolts on hinge side



All Rs safes

Our policy is one of constant improvement, therefore we reserve the right to alter any part of the specification outlined without incurring liability. Dimensions and weights may not be exact. MUTUAL equipment is approved by all security equipment authorities, locally as well as abroad