Electronic Hotel Safes

The Mutual Electronic Hotel Safes are purpose designed for hotel and hospitality industry use. Our safes protect items of value from damage or theft. This includes money, jewelry, documents, firearms and laptops. It allows easy and user friendly operation for both the guest and hotel administration.

  • Three levels of code management: guest, master code, and intellectual management code
  • Audit trail with in-room portable print-out option
  • View audit trail on safe display or print via optional portable printer
  • Motorised bolt-work – easy open & lock
  • Digital Keypad with LCD display
  • Complete with manual over-ride key
  • Attractively constructed from high strength solid steel
  • Elegant lined interior
  • Easy battery change
  • Laptop computer comparability: 12″,15″ or 17″ sizes available
  • Bolt down facility through the floor or the back wall of safe
  • CE approved

hotel safes

First time to open the safe

Input the password and then press # to confirm your password. The door will open.

Lock the safe

Enter any 3 to 6 digit code then press the # key. The word CLOSED appears and the safe will be locked.

Open the safe with a personal code

Enter the 3 to 6 digit code that you used to lock the safe. The word OPENED appears and the safe will be unlocked.

This is a standard hotel room configuration lock. User sets the new code every time the safe is used. The code that you use to lock your safe will be the code that you use to unlock your safe. Once the safe is in the unlock position, the safe will reset itself ready for any code.

Wall Safes

The Mutual range of Wall Safes is a cost-effective way of storing documents and valuables at home.
Supplied with easy to operate digital electronic lock (key-lock also available). These safes are also fire resistant and will provide protection and peace of mind you require.